Digital Solutions

Starting in 2014, the Department of Education began providing each district with funding of at least $250,000 to build schools that are truly digitally integrated. Districts have developed Digital Classroom Plans to detail the tools needed to accomplish this goal.

This program is so important to students’ futures. But while the funding provides for infrastructure upgrades and equipment purchases, one of the most difficult requirements of DIGITAL CLASSROOMS is that districts must offer adequate professional development for educators to effectively navigate this new, upgraded environment. How can districts find low-cost options to serve the diverse needs of thousands of educators?

We are grateful to Schultz for creating affordable and flexible courses to work with our faculty in gaining their gifted certifications. The material is relevant and interesting, the instructors are wonderful, and we are looking forward to working with Schultz again this school year.

-L. Menger, San Jose Episcopal Day School

Professional Development Requirements

Digital Classrooms

Florida requires that professional development be included in district Digital Classroom Plans as a criterion for receiving the funding allocation, and recommends that districts address the following areas:

  • Support for school leadership in recognizing and supporting digital learning processes
  • Training to help educators understand and use technology
  • How digital resources can support instructional lesson planning
  • Student digital learning practices
  • Using the tools related to the Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) to assess and achieve digital integration

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For more information on how Schultz can help with your district’s digital classrooms professional development needs, please contact Stacy Thomas:
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