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Leadership courses are customized and scheduled for districts, schools, or organizations with a minimum enrollment.

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Leadership Training Modules

Action Research

12 hour course delivered in a blended/hybrid format.

This professional learning offers an introduction to “inquiry” using school/district identified problems of practice to frame an action research question. The learning includes exploring data collection methodology, implementing a plan, analyzing the data collected, followed by sharing the learning with others, and finally, determining how to best use findings to improve practice and ultimately staff and student learning.

Improving Teaching and Learning through Instructional Rounds

6 hour course delivered in a face-to face format at a school site.

Following an overview of the Instructional Rounds process, participants will understand what guidelines are essential in determining how to identify a problem of practice. Once the problem has been identified, participants learn to observe instruction in a school setting using a structured protocol, analyze the evidence collected, predict instructional outcomes, and identify potential next steps for the school to improve its practices.

Principal as Instructional Coach

12 hour course delivered in a blended/hybrid format.

In their primary role as an instructional leader, principals act as both evaluators and coaches. This professional learning explores the traits of good coaches and how administrators can help teachers diagnose their teaching and become reflective practitioners in ways that support school improvement efforts and student learning.

Mentor Training/Learning-Focused Relationships

12 hour course delivered in a blended/hybrid format.

Participants in this course will become familiar with the continuum of learning-focused interactions (calibrating, consulting, collaborating, and coaching) as well as understanding how generational differences can impact mentoring relationships. Learning will also include understanding and applying a variety of structures to promote learning focused conversations with reflective questioning.

Planning for Hard/Difficult Conversations

6 hour course delivered in a blended/hybrid format.

Beginning with understanding reasons why we avoid difficult conversations, this professional learning offering helps participantes explore the many challenges of holding those conversations. A planning template is introduced to guide participants through a process of finding the right professional language to define the problem, and then planning for and practicing the actual conversation.

Leadership Academy

Year long course delivered in a blended/hybrid format

This leadership development program is designed to recruit, train, support, and retain high quality leaders who will be able to serve as instructional leaders, increase student achievement, and close the achievement gap.


Assistant Principal Academy

Year long course delivered in a blended/hybrid format

The Assistant Principal Academy is a rigorous instructional program designed to provide multiple opportunities for assistant principals to expand their knowledge and skills to become viable candidates for the position of principal.


Schultz Center is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and is authorized to issue the IACET CEU.