A Message to Florida Teachers

Schultz Professional Development

Teachers – thank you!  As the Schultz Center launches into the next era, we are driven by your professionalism.  Our goal is to assist you in every way we can to advance your learning so you can engage your students in exciting classroom experiences.

Our physical space, Schultz Center, was modeled after premier conference venues used by Fortune 500 companies. It’s this place that our founder Frederick Schultz envisioned as Florida’s leading Teaching Academy – a symbol of “our honor and respect for teachers.” For years, teachers in northeast Florida have received professional development at Schultz Center and it is our highest compliment that we are often told it feels like “coming home.” Now, as we’ve grown, businesses and groups also rely on the Center for their off-site meetings and special events.

Just as the use of Schultz Center has continued to evolve, so has our impact for teachers around the state. Sharing and networking are important in any industry and we believe educators know best and learn from one another.  We’ve branded our customized programming for teachers to reflect the importance of their jobs – Schultz Institute brings educators together for professional learning in face to face and online environments; creating community.  Working hand in hand with expert practicing educators, we explore new innovations in learning, continuously adapting to the learning needs of our adult students so you can see growth in your students.

Schultz Institute is built on a solid foundation. We have made significant contributions to the teaching profession including evaluating teacher training through student outcomes, introducing our region to standards-based education and professional learning communities, developing the region’s first coaching model and an award-winning Principal Leadership Academy.

This summer we also launch EdSpark – our test kitchen for great ideas borne from teachers who realize they are innovators everyday in the classroom. This platform provides a place to advance learning for teachers and their students. Just wait and see how Schultz is nurturing the future of teaching in Florida. Together we will elevate the profession that makes all others possible. If you are new to the Schultz family of services or returning, on behalf of entire team –  Welcome Home!