Developing and Designing Training Programs

Schultz Professional Development

Moving forward in our series to provide a step-by-step checklist on how to pursue a great training for your staff and colleagues, and after assessing the needs of your organization; you will begin to develop and design the program.

Inherently, some of the design might begin to reveal itself as you assess the needs. However, how you go about delivering the training to meet these needs is important. Some questions that you should consider are: How will we deliver the training, Online, Face to Face, or perhaps a combination of both? Who will train? Should an external trainer be hired? Does this training already exist? What resources would be required to help support the training, software, books, manuals, and hands-on experiences? Consideration of your industry and your audience is critical. For example, online training might not be encouraged for an audience with little computer experience.

As you begin to think through some of these questions, it is important to return to the needs assessment to ensure you are responding to the issues at hand. This process can be assisted with an outline and a timeline to ensure you are moving forward.

As you prepare for upcoming training, please check back with the Schultz blog for additional posts in this series. If you’re well beyond assessing training needs and are ready to book a training and event space in Jacksonville, please inquire on our website or call us at Schultz Center at 904.348.5757.