Implementing the Program

Schultz Professional Development

The continuation of our series to provide a step-by-step checklist on how to pursue a great training for your staff and colleagues now includes, implementing or delivering the program.

Your training needs assessment and the developing and designing portion of your training preparation has come to a conclusion, and you are now ready to deliver the training.

Delivery can take many forms, whether online, face to face or perhaps a combination of both, but no matter what form you select this is where the learning and instruction takes place. Should you consider a train the trainer model to help dispense this new instruction to large amounts of employees? Should you pilot the training, gain feedback, make updates and then deploy the training? These are some steps you should consider.

It is important for the training to be consistent and fully respond to the needs assessment. Of course, often trainings evolve as materials change and new information becomes available, and this is expected. Do not be discouraged by changes.

Schultz can assist you and your organization assess, develop and implement online training. As you prepare for upcoming training, please check back with the Schultz blog for additional posts in this series. If you’re well beyond assessing training needs and are ready to book a training and event space in Jacksonville, please inquire on our website or call us at Schultz Center at 904.348.5757.