Academy of Math

For Professional Development of Teachers

Academy of Math is a professional learning and coaching solution offered exclusively by Schultz. Based on the “Understanding by Design” model by Jay McTighe and James Stiegler, Academy of Math is a model of professional development, learning rounds, and job-embedded coaching that starts by first identifying what the desired results are and also works with educators to design lessons and curriculum with the end result in mind. Schultz incorporates scaffolded activities whenever possible with the goal of developing teacher-leaders who can help sustain competencies throughout the school for the long term.

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Incorporating Academy of Math Into a Long Term Plan of Professional Development For Your District

Academy of Math is the first step in an integrated model of professional development that creates collaboration and articulation throughout all grade levels through a system of highly-refined implementation phases.

Phase 1

Professional learning and coaching solutions for high school are implemented and combined with district consulting. These solutions are the first step in a long-term plan to improve lesson plans and curriculum.

Phase 2

Phase 2 incorporates Student Voice concepts to leverage a pairing of daily formative assessment and professional learning communities for a deeper understanding of student performance.

Phase 3

Elementary school teams are incorporated and a week-long intensive training session is conducted over the summer to serve as a year-long professional professional learning experience.

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