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Florida ESOL/ELL Endorsement

The Schultz Center offers all mandated State of Florida ESOL/ELL courses to meet the requirements for teachers of ESOL/ELLs. Included in each course are the five 60 hour courses needed to complete the 300 hours ESOL/ELL Endorsement. These courses are offered online for 10 weeks/60 hours. Each course is $205 for 60 hours of training and is facilitated online via Blackboard.

ESOL/ELL Courses

  • Applied Linguistics

    This course is designed to help teachers address the important role linguistics plays when working with ESOL students. The teachers will acquire a greater understanding of the structure of English from a modern day linguistic perspective and will analyze the structure of English in contrast with the languages of target populations in a given class.

  • Cross Cultural Communications

    This course is designed to identify the major cultures represented by the LEP students in Florida public schools in order to develop better cross-cultural understanding among all groups, and to appropriately meet their special needs within the school and community setting.

  • Methods of Teaching ESOL

    This course is designed to enable participants to identify and apply major ESOL methodologies and approaches. Teachers will learn best practices to teach subject matter, critical thinking and problem solving skills, and to determine the appropriateness of instruction and learning opportunities for ESOL students to help them succeed.

  • Testing and Evaluation of ESOL/ELL

    This course (formerly Empowering ESOL Teachers) is designed to empower teachers of ESOL/ELL students develop the ability to provide appropriate, comprehensible, interactive, and cognitively challenging instruction which will facilitate their students’ language development and academic achievement.

  • Curriculum and Materials Development

    This course is designed to improve and enhance the participant’s knowledge of ESOL curriculum and materials appropriate for use with LEP students.

Course Schedule

Fall Fast Track*
Registration Deadline: October 27, 2017
Start: October 30, 2017
End: November 26, 2017

Winter Fast Track*
Registration Deadline: December 1, 2017
Start: December 4, 2017
End: January 1, 2018

*All sessions must meet minimum enrollment to run.

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Schultz Center is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and is authorized to issue the IACET CEU.