Our Mission

The Schultz team is passionate about helping educators develop inside and outside of the classroom. Thousands of Florida educators have enrolled in our ESOL/ELL, Gifted, and Reading Endorsement courses and participated in our plethora of professional development programs that have helped them better reach their students. Like all educators, our team at Schultz is constantly working to develop stronger tools to assist in the overarching goal of improving classroom productivity.
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Our History

Florida Teacher

Fred Schultz
Founder of Schultz Center & Schultz Institute

Schultz Institute was founded in 2001 by former Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Fred Schultz, with the goal of providing educators with the highest-quality professional development resources and solutions. Since its inception, Schultz Institute has helped thousands of educators improve both inside and outside of the classroom. Benjamin Franklin once said that “an investment in education pays the most dividends" and our entire team has invested countless time and resources into creating a suite of services and tools to enable educators to make an impact on their students. 

At Schultz Institute, we’ve seen firsthand the passion educators have and we take pride in providing them with services that only fuel their fervor for making a difference. Our state-of-the-art professional development solutions for educators at every level have made tangible impacts in early learning education, school turnaround scores, and required Endorsement courses.

When he founded Schultz Institute, Fred Schultz was quoted as saying "I felt like the most important thing we could do to improve education in the United States was to improve the quality of principals and teachers." Our team has nearly twenty years experience supporting educators and there's no better feeling than hearing that we've helped an educator make a difference in their classroom. We are consistently reminded of Fred Schultz's commitment to serving educators and it influences the way we approach each day, every endorsement course, and the incredible opportunity to impact the way principals and teachers can change the lives of their students.

At Schultz, we know how hard educators work and we've mirrored that effort to create innovative and effective professional development solutions. In a world where educators are often lacking for even some of the most fundamental resources, we work tirelessly to create solutions and tools that make their job just a little easier. An educator's responsibility to their students is sacred and we do everything we can to show our appreciation as we help provide them the resources they need each and every day.

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We deliver on-time, effective solutions.

We build sustainable partnerships.

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