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Schultz’s team of school transformation specialists have partnered with school districts in multiple states to successfully and sustainably improve the performance of chronically underperforming schools. Our approach of utilizing our team of school turnaround experts, proven methodology, focus on capacity building, and customizable services has helped 20 different schools in 12 different school districts improve their scores. Schultz's school turnaround methodology has generated dramatic school improvements that have proven to be sustainable over time in both rural and urban school districts alike.
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Customizable partnerships curated specifically for schools and districts rather than by-the-numbers programs
Proven Results

Our school turnaround programs have a track record of meeting all performance targets

Schultz has extensive experience working with all school levels in both urban and rural settings

Our school turnaround programs aren’t just a one-time fix as they’ve proven to be sustainable over time


With over ten years of experience and a track record of success, our transformation specialists are second to none


Schultz’s monitoring and communication practices are robust for schools and districts

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